Cheops provides sponsorship for VOKA’s PLATO project

From April, Kenny Dierickx, Operations Director at Cheops, takes over as tutor for the PLATO IT & Digital project run by VOKA Antwerp. PLATO is a unique platform and learning network provided by business people for business people. Over the course of a year, Kenny Dierickx will advise and guide some twenty entrepreneurs in the task of implementing IT to suit their business objectives.

“The rapid changes and digitisation of our society and economy present both challenges and opportunities for business people,” says Kenny Dierickx. “Today more than ever, IT has become the springboard for enabling companies to achieve their strategic objectives. IT enables people to work more productively and securely. It also helps them to grab opportunities when they come along and push down costs. In the PLATO project, business people help other business people to stay up to speed with new developments and to make important choices in terms of business strategy. We are very proud to sponsor this wonderful, proven initiative to support entrepreneurship for the coming year.”

The PLATO IT & Digital project features sessions dealing with topics such as cloud computing, IT security, e-commerce, big data and the Internet of Things. A specialist in every specific topic runs these sessions with the sponsors for a fixed group of fifteen to twenty SME owners.

PLATO gains its great strength from the principle of sponsorship, enabling large companies to pass on their knowledge to smaller businesses. There are PLATO projects for specific areas of knowledge, such as IT, finance and HR. During its 25-year history, the PLATO business project has brought together more than 12,000 business people. Over that time, more than 300 business tutors have acted as a sounding board for the future generation of entrepreneurs. More information at

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