Cheops opts for sustainable transportation solutions

Cheops opts for sustainable transportation solutions

Cheops is fully committed to sustainability and employee satisfaction and has recently made significant efforts in electric vehicles and charging station infrastructure.

A green approach for a better future

Cheops has begun the transition to electric vehicles. Currently, the first electric cars have been in use for some time. By the end of the year, this number will already have increased fivefold, representing a 20% of the fleet.

The charging points at the headquarters in Kontich have been systematically expanded to 30+ charging points. In addition, Cheops also offers employees the possibility to install a charging station at home. The greening of the fleet is a logical step in Cheops' broader strategy towards sustainability and lowering its carbon footprint, driven in part by the changing fiscal framework

Commitment to our employees: guidance during the transition

Electric vehicles are not only good for the environment, but also for employees. Electric vehicles are comfortable, quiet, ecological and extremely well-equipped from the outset. Moreover, employees pay significantly less benefits in kind on an EV compared to a similar gasoline car.

To make it easier to charge electric vehicles, Cheops provides charging stations in the office parking lot and employees receive a charging pass that allows them to go to more than 24,000 places in Belgium to publicly charge. We guide our employees in the process from the choice of car to its delivery and post-delivery. Via an extensive FAQ page, employees receive clear answers to all their EV questions in 90% of cases.

Our vision for the future: growth, innovation and sustainability

Cheops' future plans include the further electrification of our fleet. At the same time, Cheops is keeping a close eye on newly emerging technologies, such as hydrogen, to provide an alternative to EVs and ICE vehicles if necessary and possible.

Cheops has a goal of having at least 50% of its fleet fully electric by 2025 and to be carbon-neutral by 2030. This includes not only an all-electric fleet, but also any other ways to further make operations more sustainable such as reducing building energy consumption and reducing our carbon footprint.

We are convinced that by committing to sustainable transportation solutions and a healthier environment, we can not only achieve our business goals, but also contribute to a better future for everyone.

- Filip Goos, CEO Cheops

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