Cheops obtains ISO27001 certification for information security

Cheops obtains ISO27001 certification for information security

Cheops announces that it has successfully achieved ISO27001 certification for information security. This certification recognizes Cheops' commitment to protecting data both internally and in all customer-related activities.

At a time in which cyber threats are constantly evolving, it is vital that organizations make information security a priority. With the ISO27001 certification, Cheops demonstrates that it takes cybersecurity seriously: all its processes meet the highest standards of information security. Thus, Cheops offers customers a secure environment for their data.

"This is a milestone for Cheops and we are immensely proud of achieving ISO27001 certification, " said Filip Goos, CEO of Cheops. "It is a recognition of our commitment to ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and availability. This certification reinforces our commitment to excellence and confirms that Cheops is a trusted partner in IT security."

The ISO27001 certification emphasizes Cheops' reputation as a reliable and responsible partner in IT security. It opens new commercial opportunities with mid-sized and large companies, as well as government institutions that consider ISO27001 certification a requirement.

Cheops remains committed to strengthening information security and will continue to invest in continuous improvement of security measures. "We are committed to protecting the interests of both our customers and our company and providing a secure environment for data processing," said Filip Goos.



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