Cheops named Trends Gazelle for tenth year in a row

Cheops named Trends Gazelle for tenth year in a row

Edegem, 4 March 2020 - IT specialist Cheops has been named a Trends Gazelle for the tenth year in a row, testifying to the firm's growth and success. Over the past decade, the company has quadrupled its turnover and seen its workforce increase fivefold. Cheops attributes its continued success mainly to its long-term focus on 'managed services'. The company has always been at the forefront of new trends in the IT sector.

In 2020, Cheops once again features on the highly desirable list of Trends Gazellen, selected by the editors of the business magazine Trends. These are the fastest-growing companies measured in terms of turnover, personnel and added value. Cheops' inclusion – for the tenth consecutive year – is further recognition of its status as one of Belgium's 100 fastest-growing businesses.

Cheops works primarily with ambitious medium-sized companies in Flanders and Brussels. It has the scale to provide these companies with the premium services enjoyed by large players, but is also much closer to the customer and therefore much more agile.

A safe haven in turbulent IT times

Cheops owes its success to the strategy it has been pursuing for years: the company always thinks in terms of its customers' business and needs and has long invested in tailoring its services to this approach.

Today more than ever, companies need a specialist partner to help them set up and proactively manage their IT. Over the years, businesses have become hugely reliant on digital technology, often without fully realising it. As a result, IT problems have a much greater impact now. As a managed services provider (MSP), Cheops aims to provide a safe haven for customers, offering them much-needed stability and peace of mind.

A flair for spotting new IT trends

Cheops is also at the forefront of the latest IT trends. It developed its own service provider cloud back in 2006, at a time when very few players had similar expertise or infrastructure. However, being a trendsetter doesn't mean needlessly experimenting with new technologies. Cheops' ambition is not to be radically innovative but rather to offer solutions that have a track record of success.

Cheops' CEO Geert Degezelle says: "Customers aren't bothered about the latest technological developments unless they can see the added value for their business. What they need above all is a partner who can leverage tried-and-tested solutions."

IT set to play a growing role in business strategy

Cheops anticipates a further shift to the cloud in the years ahead. The complexity and speed of change will also increase, as of course will cyber risks. This means that Cheops has to keep raising the bar for its customers and employees. Companies too could be a lot more ambitious when it comes to IT: whereas IT used to be part of the strategy, today it often is the strategy.

With efficient and flexible IT, companies are well placed to exploit smart new applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things. The need for MSPs is therefore only set to grow. By managing their IT, MSPs free up customers to focus entirely on their core business and so help them gain an edge over the competition.

Cheops' Executive Chairman Filip Goos says: "Our strategy is to invest and grow. That's the path we'll be taking with Cheops, continuing to use the power of technology to help our customers achieve their business goals and assist them in navigating the digital world and new ways of working."

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