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08 March 2018 - Cheops, the fast-growing IT specialist, achieved a turnover of 30.4 million euros in 2017: a 29% growth in comparison to 2016. The company discovered a recipe for success that ties in closely with market demand from which it has no intention to deviate. “In 2018 we will continue to invest in our people, our resources and our brand”, confirms Managing Director Christophe Vanmalleghem. Cheops is currently seeking 75 new employees.

Cheops has been growing in the Belgian IT sector for several years. This growth continued unabated in 2017 and is most notable in Managed Services (+ 46%). According to Cheops, this can be explained by the burgeoning trend towards cloud computing and a growing need among mid-market companies for external partners to manage their infrastructure.

In addition to this, the importance of technology has become increasingly clear among the business community, expressed by an escalating demand for IT experts. Furthermore, Cheops has noted a heightened interest in security, primarily in response to the unstoppable migration towards the cloud and new legislation such as the GDPR.

Filip Goos, CEO Cheops: “All in all, one could say that IT is of greater strategic importance to the business community than ever before. However, organisations find it difficult to procure the necessary resources to accommodate this. An IT partner with the right cloud infrastructure, experience and a solid comprehension of its clients’ needs is the answer”.

Cheops’ expertise and service culture highly appealing

In 2017, Cheops entered into new partnerships with Imec, Honda, SD Worx, ADMB and Lineas, among others.

Additionally, Cheops was nominated for several awards in various categories. Nominated as a Trends Gazelle for eight consecutive years, Cheops is also one of the Belgian companies included in the Inc. 5000 Europe list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in Europe.

Christophe Vanmalleghem, Managing Director Cheops: “We have hit upon a recipe for success, and this has not passed by unnoticed. We see our new clients and the recognition we are receiving as a compliment to our entire organisation, all of whom are hard at work every day on turning this success formula into concrete achievements”.

In order to keep up with its rapid growth, Cheops is currently seeking 75 new employees, primarily with IT profiles. 

About Cheops

Cheops is a Belgian specialist in IT & Business Technology Services. Our 250 IT experts think with you strategically to make your business more efficient, more productive, more adaptive and, consequently, more competitive. In line with the accelerated importance of technology in our society, we ensure that companies can continue to develop their business without being overtaken by new technology or being held back by outdated technology. Cheops has three offices in Belgium: in addition to its headquarters in Edegem, the company also has branches in Zaventem and Ghent.

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