Case study: Deutsche Leasing Benelux focuses on sales and customer service by outsourcing IT management

Deutsche Leasing Benelux does not have its own IT department and made the conscious choice to outsource its IT management to Cheops. A good follow-up and personal approach means Deutsche Leasing Benelux is supported by an IT partner who also makes strategic contributions. Because it is able to rely on the security and continuity of the IT, the company is free to focus on sales and customer service.

“In fact we do not have to think about our IT anymore. Cheops makes sure everything runs smoothly which allows us to concentrate 100% on our core activities: concluding leasing contracts”, says Marc Andries, Managing Director of Deutsche Leasing Benelux.

Security about the availability of their IT systems is very important to Deutsche Leasing: “As a financial service provider we have to be available to our customers at all times to respond quickly to their problems or questions”, explains Marc Andries. “If we do not have access to our data or applications because of malfunctioning hardware or software, we cannot help our customers or do any work. Not to mention how bad it would be for our image.”

Daily backup of all data

“Cheops is a strategic partner which guarantees astable IT infrastructure”, says Marc Andries. “They are also responsible for the backup and disaster recovery of our data: every night all the data of our local servers is completely replicated to Cheops’ data centre. In case of major problems such as a fire or water damage we can immediately restart on Cheops’ servers. We have a remote login which Cheops can activate. Every year the Disaster Recovery Plan is tested with Cheops.”

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