Case study:BTV delivers
better customer service
through the cloud


For more than 85 years now, BTV has been carrying out technical inspections for businesses and private individuals. The company wants to keep on improving its customer service, which is why it is currently working on automating the services it provides. And to be able to count on an optimally managed IT infrastructure, BTV has moved entirely to the cloud. BTV’s IT partner, Cheops, is now providing proactive management and constant monitoring so that BTV can focus better on customer-oriented projects.

“By placing our infrastructure in the cloud and outsourcing its management to Cheops, we gain benefits in three areas,” explains Yves Lemense, CEO of BTV. “First of all, we limit our risks to an absolute minimum, thanks to proactive management. Second, we save a quarter on the price. Finally, it means that our own IT staff can now focus on strategic IT applications that make a competitive difference. This means we can serve our customers better, which makes it a win-win-win. We have huge confidence in working with a cloud partner like Cheops and they have a great deal of experience in this area.”

A lead over the competition

For BTV, making the move to greater efficiency and automation was a very deliberate choice. Not only is competition fierce in the marketplace, but customers also have increasingly high expectations. Which means that BTV’s service has to move with the times. “Cheops was great in helping us to digitise our service and make it more professional,” explains Yves Lemense. “Our big clients in particularly have specific requirements in that area. If we can process most of our reports using the mobile app and make them available via a client portal, then that gives us a clear lead over our competitors. As a result of these new features and a more professional look, we are stronger in certain market segments, which means we can also look to penetrate new markets.”

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